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Soul Journeys such as Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Akashic Records, Shamanic Journeys

Soul Journeys Transform LIVES

Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Akashic Records Explorations, Shamanic Journeying

By Dr. Carol Francis 310-543-1824

Imagine literally traveling through time, space, or other dimensions in the comfort of your recliner or meditation mat. Feel the exhilaration of transcending distance and being present elsewhere, in a mere moment. Ponder how your world-view would change if you discovered the trail of lives behind you and ahead of you. Consider how it would feel to penetrate brick walls, concrete slabs, or thousands of miles while your body rests, peacefully.

Calmly know that your universe and the cosmos within and beyond . . . is yours to explore. This gives you license to feel how big you are and shed the skin of thinking and acting small. There is NO room for small when you can travel in and out of time and space to discover the information, tools, choices and meanings of your life.

Consider these tools.

Astral Projection

Remote Viewing

Akashic Records Explorations

Shamanic Journeying

Tools-that’s right. Consider these four tools which have been highly researched, experienced, discussed, and utilized for thousands of years. Consider these four tools as yours to learn to implement on behalf of your current life and the lives of others you could help.

These tools are in essence Journeys of Your Soul, Journeys of Your Mind, Journeys of Your Consciousness. These are REAL Journeys—as real as my airplane trip to Blackfoot Tribal Lands in Montana last month.

Now, in this wonderfully intriguing era of being able to photograph neurological brain patterns, i.e. brain waves and PET Scans, and a myriad of other medical measurements, we know that something is actually happening in the brain during these Soul Journeys.

Also, after decades of tax dollars secretly supporting US Governmental research into remote viewing (in the USSR too), we now know traveling with the “eyes” of psychic perceptiveness is measurable and evidenced and trainable. Comparably, Michael Harner’s dedicated decades of Shamanic Journeying Mapping and anthropological comparisons, clearly state that we know that Shamanistic processes are alive and worth utilizing in daily living.

Would your view toward daily worries, complicated issues, dissatisfaction, depression or fears melt away if you truly experienced your power to use Soul Journeys to transform your life and those seeking help from you? Oh yes! Oh yes! Would your sense of freedom, power, and soul-filled skills enable you to know that what you see and touch is only a very small, miniscule part of life’s magic and wonderment?

Once, I travelled to the Mir Space Station orbiting the Earth, and saw a frightening, urgent event during an Astral Projection session. The next morning, I heard NPR Radio broadcast news describing the life-threatening events which took place on the Mir Space Station the previous night—and I had been there. I saw it happened; I saw it resolve–while I–my body–was reclining that night in meditation, at home.

Another time, I travelled Shamanically to recover a young women’s verve for life which she had lost somewhere at some time. I saw her rest against a public park tree chosing an unfortunate conclusion and then travelled to see her dance in a disco. I walked her trail and found the single event which robbed her Esprit de vie. I grabbed her soul’s fragment and brought it back to her. She remembered that past, embraced her lost self, and she recovered. Another Shamanic Journey for a bewildered middle-aged seeker caused me to delve into a Golden Dawn group with a domineering, bully-like teacher. I retrieved her oppressed segments back.

I followed a guide into the haloed halls of Akashic Records and discovered a friend’s life spontaneously open to me. Her reasons for ill-health, financial failures, and barren loneliness were laid upon the iconic oakwood floors in book bindings of history. There, in the regal halls of volumes of biographical tunes were her primary reasons. I read the passages to her the next morning. She acted upon the words within weeks and transformed her bleakness into laughter and fun as she embraced her joyful path.

These Soul Journeys are Amazing. Helpful. Enlightening. Expanding.

March 3, 2012 at 5:00 PM—be prepared to learn the tools and experience a few Journeys that move you into the amazement and bliss of knowing that you are bigger than you think as you learn tools to explore a cosmos more accessible than you imagined. For more details,

Dr. Carol Francis

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Author: Spiritual Paths, Spiritual Gurus: Your Choice.