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Payments for Workshops, Counseling Services, Books, CD/MP3s, Products

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  1. Dear podcast host,

    My name is Devan J. Byrne, I write you today as my spiritual intuition has motivated me to archive my descriptive understanding of my spiritual experience. If you are looking for someone to be a guest on your program, I would like to bring your show the point of view I have gained from my own experience.

    I have described my self as a Modern Mystic Monk, though I could not be picked out of a crowd by what I wear, nor do I live in any monastery. I did start traveling alone in complete Trust in Divine providence over 4 years ago. I left a life I was not meant to continue for what many perceive as a life of poverty. I was raised in the mormon faith, when I started communicating directly with the Divine within. It was around the age of 12 that I surrendered my will to a much higher power. It was then my mind started molding to be what it was made to become as a descriptor of the Divine. I was blessed with an ability to communicate the understandings I receive from any question I ask. In no way am I special in this way, but I am ready to Speak from this place I have entered.

    As a guest on your show, I will maintain a very descriptive understanding of what has been revealed to me of the spiritual realms. I will be able to describe my perspective from the way of the heart, and the understanding of the mind. I can speak with terms of Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Western, Scientific or even Yours. The conduit which I am, will raise the vibratory energy of your program, all those involved, especially all your listeners. I will be able to answer any question about the understanding of the universe, why we are here, and what the purpose of it all is.

    I am in the process of a book of my own and a book channeled through me. Yet I do not come to you today to sell anything to you, or on your program. I come only to speak what I have experienced, in hopes to expand to those who are seeking understanding or hope. I speak humbly-proud when I say, I know I could be one of the most interesting interviews you will ever have.

    We will all benefit from this interview, Thank You for your time, and your dedication.

    Devan J. Byrne – 801-228-0344 –

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