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Spiritual Paths, Spiritual Gurus: Your Choice By Dr. Carol Francis

Spiritual Paths, Spiritual Gurus:  Your Choice By Dr. Carol Francis

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The Merry Medium Radio Talk Show with Dr. Carol Francis interviewed by Mary O’Maley

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Expanding Consc…

Expanding Consciousness one awareness and discovery at a time.  


“The idea that the invisible universe is more real than the visible one indeed has never been so widely accepted by practical scientists as now in this climactic century.  But it is far from a new notion to seers and philosophers for don’t forget, Aristotle called life “spirit pervading matter,”  a concept all great religions would heartily endorse.   .  .the philosophy of mysticism emerges as eminently reasonable. . . the newly realized reality of the nonmaterial world, of fields that influence, of waves that convey, of minds that pervade”   Guy Murchie


Expanding Consciousness

Expanding Consciousness

Expanding Consciousness one awareness and discovery at a time.  


Dr. Carol Francis Explores Soul, Spirit, & Mindful Journeys

Dr. Carol Francis Explores Soul, Spirit, & Mindful Journeys

Multi-dimensional perspectives and practices associated to exploring and expanding our consciousness open doors more rapidly than embracing only one paradigm.


frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration by Penney Peirce

“Frequencies Rising!  There are some key things to understand now:  (1) you are being affected by an evolutionary process that moves through specific stages, which is causing the energetic frequency of your body, emotions, and mind to accelerate, (2) because the rising frequency of your energy parallels your level of awareness, you are gradually becoming more aware, sensitive, visionary, empathic and loving, and (3) the biggest challenge of the next few years will be working with your sensitivity, keeping your personal vibration clear, and learning to use “frequency principles” to live successfully in the coming times.”  pg xvi


Purpose of Experimenting with Soul Journeys

In the scheme of life, human existences can be plentifully grounded in the form of careers, family responsibilities, fun hobbies and tears of grief.  Imagine though recognizing that you are also exist beyond these forms of life.  You become able to capture your soul’s presence as it moves between, beyond and within the physical forms and earthly manifestations of your daily creative processes.  Once you become aware of your soul’s presence, freedom, capacities, limitless ability to travel cosmos and realms, you change.  You evolve.  You begin to know that you are so much more than that which you see and touch and smell.  And so are those around you.  This is the purpose of exploring the various forms of Soul Journeys.  So become curious, exploratory and have fun as you allow your Soul to travel.        Dr. Carol Francis  and Facebook Expanding Consciousness   (more…)