Travel the Cosmos To Heal, To Grow, To Expand

In the scheme of life, human existences can be plentifully grounded in the form of careers, family responsibilities, fun hobbies and tears of grief.  Imagine though recognizing that you are also exist beyond these forms of life.  You become able to capture your soul’s presence as it moves between, beyond and within the physical forms and earthly manifestations of your daily creative processes.  Once you become aware of your soul’s presence, freedom, capacities, limitless ability to travel cosmos and realms, you change.  You evolve.  You begin to know that you are so much more than that which you see and touch and smell.  And so are those around you.  This is the purpose of exploring the various forms of Soul Journeys.  So become curious, exploratory and have fun as you allow your Soul to travel.        Dr. Carol Francis  and Facebook Expanding Consciousness  

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