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Sexual Abuse by Family Members

My recent interview with Teresa Joyce which is archived at, reveals the horrors and twisted complexity of becoming free or recovered from long term sexual abuse by a Step-Father.  One significant point that Teresa Joyce shared was how painful it was to inform her mother that the Step-Father had been so cruel and inappropriate.  Her mother was devastated and her mother’s life was altered as well.  Teresa Joyce in her book “There’s A Thin Line” clearly walks readers through the painful fog of recovering from Sexual Abuse.  You can hear the radio interview on itunes and too.

Teresa Joyce, interviewed on my BlogTalkRadio show, survived child sexual abuse and extreme variations of threatening and terrifying abuse during her adult years from her step-father.  She has written a book to reveal this horrifying tale and also to help others become free of the emotional/mental captivity of being under the “abusive spell” of a truly twisted abuser.   Her book, is “It’s A Thin Line” is available through  Her Facebook, Teresa Joyce, is filled with open and vulnerable truths that help others become free of these entanglements.  Here is the connections:

Sleep Creates the DAY

Never underestimate the powerful message of sleepiness during your day. Tiredness is a sign that energy is simply not enough in that moment or for that day for you to respond dynamically to your actions and thoughts. Sleeping has the magic of rejuvenating your brain, your growth hormones, your organs’ health, your personalities easiness and coping functions, your creative and pratical solutions. Don’t deprive yourself of sleep as a means of expanding your life’s productivity nor time to “get things done.” Actually, if you are not tired, you will be more productive and happier than if you stretch yourself too thin on sleep.