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What is Reality Really?

Take a gander at this list of 10 theories about reality and add your own take.

Most powerful person in a room is the one who knows how to be aware consciously of themselves and those and around AND knows how to influence the moment with body language, words, looks, listening skills and NLP tricks.

For good or for bad, you are either being influenced or you are the influencer in any given moment.  Which would you chose to be?

We are watching a political world where the most influential leaders are not the benevolent and reasonable but the most hypnogogic.  That is the fact of life.  So consider your role in life, at work, at home, in your country, in your mind.


Consider this as today’s worthy meditation discussion for your soul, your next step in your path –

Be inspired – Interview Leonard Perlmutter The Heart and Science of Yoga Feel depths of consciousness leap

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Dr. Carol Francis

3655 Torrance Blvd, Third Floor

Torrance, CA  90503


Licensures and Certifications

Clinical Psychologist

Marriage, Family and Child Therapist

Certified Medical Hypnotherapist

Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified

Energy Healing Practitioner, Certified

Reiki Master – (Mental, Emotional and Physical Well-Being)

Certified Fitness Trainer (Basic, Mental and Emotional Health Emphasis)

Certified Nutrition Counselor (Basic, Mental and Emotional Health Emphasis)

Speaking Background

Keynote Speaker, Seminar Leader, Professor at Colleges (1979-present)

Radio Show Host and Guest  (2009-present)

Television Talk Show Host and Guest, 2010-2013

Published Author

Eleven Published Books and Numerous Articles

General topics of books:

Self-Help, Self-Motivation, Self-Improvement and Self-Empowerment

Excellence Training (Tools of Success)

Professional Performance Skills

Neurology of Success

Recovery from Depression, Anxiety, Demotivation, Panic, Stress,

Recovery Abuse and Trauma

Family Bliss, Parenting Tools and Child Topics and Elder Care

Marriage and Couples (Communication, Finances, Sexual Intimacy, Emotional Satisfaction, Male-Female Differences)

Women’s Issues – Hormones, Sexuality, Workforce Issues, Abuse, Family Balancing

Career Success, Retirement, Aged Parents, Weight and Beauty, etc.

Male and Female Differences at Home, Work

Soldier’s and Family and PTSD recovery

Weight Management and Nutrition

Exercises for Mental and Emotional Health

Stop Smoking

Eating for Mental and Emotional Health

Mindfulness, Meditation, Soul-filed living

Psychology of Effective Time and Money Management

Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis, Auto-Suggestion to Success

Transcendent Living, Spirituality in Agnostic Age

Empowerment at Work, Home, Personal Success

Excellence Training (Psychology of Success, Athletic & Professional Performance Skills)

Recovery from Depression, Anxiety, Demotivation, Panic, Stress, Abuse and Trauma

Topics on Dimension Health Speakers’ Site Dr. Carol Francis has already presented else where:

Eldercare – Caregiver Health, Communication and Conflict Resolution with Parents with Dementia

Exercise and Fitness – related to Mental and Emotional Health

Family Finance – related to Marriage Planning, Couples’ well-being, Psychology of Money and Success, Mindset of Financial Wealth

Alternative Medicine – as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Energy Therapy Practitioner and Reiki Master

Personal Development – Tools/Exercises/Processes related to Succeeding at Goals, Self-Motivation, Fulfilling Aspirations, Time Management, Skills Development,

Work Arena Power Tools – Public Speaking, Group Psychology, Peer and Collegial Relationships, Management Skills, Relationships for Success, Optimizing Work Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Group Consciousness, Optimal Team Work, Entitlement vs. Value of Hard Work, Bullying, Optimizing Diversity and Tolerance Consciousness and Team Work, Understanding Motivational Styles of Team (Employees) and Modifying Work Load, Understanding Work Styles of Team (Employees) and Optimizing Work Completed, Moving Away from Entitlement Toward Hard Working Empowered Team Work

Personal Health – Happiness and Intimacy, Life Balance, Empowerment, Transcendent Living Skills, Breaking Bad Habits/Addictions and Forming Amazing Habits, Mindfulness, Meditation, Stress Management, Anxiety and Panic Management, Dreaming with Effective Outcomes, Mind/Body/Soul Integrative Powers, Power of Creating and Succeeding

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Dr. Carol Francis

3655 Torrance Blvd, Third Floor

Torrance, CA  90503